About Us


Our Humble Beginnings

 DR COMPUTERS was first an idea in late fall 2008. It wasn't until the following spring on April 14th, 2009; we opened the doors to our Defiance, Ohio Store. Our main goal was to create a company that would serve residential and small business outlets, while maintaining a great reputation within the community. We plan to continue improving our presence in the area for services and goods. We've grown rapidly since our birth, and foresee continued growth in the years to come. DR strives to be active in the community, donating to local charities, attending events, meetings, high school programs, etc. 


Professional Customer Service


DR Computers we specialize in quality not mass product like most Big Box Stores. At DR Computers we help you get just what you need.

DR COMPUTERS firmly believes that each of us are different, our computing needs vary. We believe that true Customer Service considers the needs of each individual. For instance, lets say you go out for the evening - no need to buy 12 steak dinners to feed only one couple, right? Conversely, only ordering 2 steaks to feed six couples won't work out very well either, now will it?

That is where DR COMPUTER comes into play. Come and talk to us and together we'll set you up with just what is needed to accomplish your intended goal. If a pre-made system suits your needs without waste, so be it. Many of today's users don't need much of what is packaged in those pre-made systems, though. Others, such as gamers and Small Business users have greater or different needs than those systems can offer. Let us help with your perfect fit.


Satisfaction Guaranteed/Testimonials


"DR Computers is my favorite store in town. Randy is always there to help out when I need technical assistance. He is just a good guy. A. A."

"DR Computers is awesome. They have the best customer service in the area. Their staff is friendlier than all the other computer store staffers. D.T."

We strive to please each customer. If for some reason you are not happy with your service, please let us know.  We WILL make it right.