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Price List

  • $24.95
    Diagnostic / Bench Fee
    Techs will diagnose your computer for hardware / software problems and advise you on the best course of action to take to get your computer back to peak performance.
  • FREE
    Computer Cleaning (physical)
    Techs will blow out the system and make sure the fans and heat sinks are clear of dust to optimize airflow.
  • $69.95
    Basic Computer Optimization
    Techs will remove unnecessary background processes that prolong your computers boot time. Techs will download and install the most recent Windows updates to guard against security threats, clear out all temp files, browser history and run a defrag on your system.
  • $99.95
    Advanced Computer Optimization
    This service includes Basic Computer Optimization along with in-depth spyware, ad-ware and root-kit removal to optimize your computer. The deletion of unwanted files is done in a non-destructive manner, leaving all your custom settings and personal files intact. Techs will install consumer based spyware removal programs on the system to assist you in removing spyware in the future.
  • $99.95
    System Format / Reinstall
    This service erases your entire hard drive including user data. Techs will reinstall your licensed Windows Operating System, your anti-virus program (with the customer provided product key) a DVD/CD burner program, Adobe Reader, Flash Player, Java and Windows Security Updates.
    System Format/Reinstall DOES NOT include backing up your data.
  • $29.95
    Hardware Install/Upgrade
    Service includes Processor, Video Cards, Optical Drives and most common PC components.
  • $49.95
    Motherboard installation including drivers (may require format charge)
  • $39.95
    Software Install
    Techs will install software or a software suite. Software install excludes operating system installation.
  • $59.95 to
    Data Backup/Transfer
    Techs will backup requested data to a USB Flash Drive. (media size depends on amount of Data)
  • Varies per GB
    Data Recovery
    In the event of hard drive failure or accidental file deletion, techs will attempt to recover the requested files and copy data to a USB Flash Drive. (media size depends on amount of data)
  • $59.95
    Hourly Rate In-House
  • $79.95
    Hourly Rate On-Site
    (out of town, add surcharge of $10.00 first hour)

Special Prices

On Board Diagnostics and Testing

At times your system may need on-board testing to diagnose issues causing errors. In these cases we will discuss the diagnostics and benefits before preforming any such procedures.

Custom System Design

What are the benefits of a Custom Designed System? Well, in short, a system designed to specifically meet your needs saves you money. How? First you are not paying for hardware or software that you will never use. This lightens your system load so as to enable it better preform it's necessary tasks. Secondly, it was designed specifically to preform the tasks that you need it to do most often. Those tasks are different based on the user. Small Business needs vs. Gaming or the causal social network and email users have vastly different needs in a PC. A custom system in a nutshell simply gives you the best bang for your buck this is something the Big Box store systems just don't offer.

Network Install/Repair

Whatever your network needs we can help. Let us know what you need and we can insure your systems are ready.

Need help securing that new wireless network? We can help you with that as well. Routers, range extenders or repeaters whatever your installation requires we can help.

Just a few of our Favorites